Hi, I'm Tyler


I was born and raised in Merrill, WI. Throughout my years in the area I've been able to travel all across District 35 and I've grown to deeply care for and appreciate the area. My ancestors have lived in the district for generations and have served our community in many different ways. They have made their mark upon the community whether it was teaching the youth and giving them a chance at a brighter future, or just maintaining some taverns and giving our people a moment to have some peace and relax.


From an early age I had the strong desire to serve and to make the world a better place. This desire was founded by my Grandfather, Big John Ruprecht. He taught me that what life and what politics are supposed to be about is working to build us all a better future. The conversations we had while out on the lake and on the early morning drives in hunting season laid the foundation for my Wisconsin Values and inspired me to take bold action while just a young boy.

It started while I was just a young Catholic school boy. We would pick up the highway, help out at events, and raise money for charitable causes. In high school, I started to learn how to make a difference on my own. With the help of Grandpa, a few friends, and my close family, I planned a charity concert to raise money for the American Cancer Society. This helped me to commemorate those we had lost to the horrific disease, and also prepared me for serving as Vice President of the Helping Hands Club (UW-Marathon County volunteer club) a few years later.


Serving as Vice President of the club was a great honor and allowed me to help with more charity events than I can remember. It also for the first time opened up an opportunity in politics for me. I was asked to serve the students of UW Marathon by volunteering my time as a Student-at-Large on the SUFAC or budgeting committee. I learned a lot about budgets while serving on the committee and was given my first experience in the Student Government Association (SGA). It wasn't long before I was asked to serve the students further. I was appointed Senator, then Vice President, and finally the next year I was elected President.


During my time serving the students in the SGA, I had the opportunity to work with people across the state, coming from all different political affiliations and backgrounds, to make real change for our students and for the state. I lobbied legislators, argued policy, fought for education, and was asked to speak at the capital. This experience is exactly what we need in our Assembly Representative; someone who can convince other legislators and get quality legislation passed from day one.


My time in the SGA is not my only experience that prepared me to represent our people in the Assembly. I had the great opportunity to be a part of the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service. In this non-partisan organization, I learned a great deal about policy. What works, what doesn't, how it is formed, and more. I had the opportunity to further talk with legislators, business owners, and community leaders from both sides of the isle about policy and about the importance of civic service. Beyond these great learning experiences, I was able to work on one project especially important to me: the David Obey Center. While helping to plan this center for youth engagement and learning, I was able to meet with Wisconsin's great Congressman and for the first time began to truly think about someday running for public office.


After​ my time at WIPPS and in the SGA, I had to take some time out of school because of medical issues. Left waiting to recover, I decided that I would use this time to better myself and to gain further knowledge. I dove into the past, reading tens of thousands of pages on the history of our nation, our state, and of course, politics and policy. I fell in love with the Revolution and the Foundation of our country. The great things that came of a few leaders with humble beginnings. 


As I began to recover from my medical issues, I reengage with politics. For the first time in my life I joined a political party. When I joined I merely expected to help out a few candidates to whom I had taken a liking and at most to fight for some quality policy. That all changed after just a few meetings when we came upon the question of who would run for Assembly.


At the meeting, the local party chair ask, "Is anyone else willing to run?" I sat and waited, expecting someone to step forward. She asked again, "Is there anyone who is willing to run?" It was at that time I realized, that there was no one else who would run. When she asked again, I made my decision. There had to be someone who would stand up and fight for our future, someone who would put forward quality legislation and bring real solution to our real problems, and if no one else would do it, that someone has to be me.

So when I am asked why I am running the answer best boils down to the old Theodore Roosevelt quote, "I am leading because somebody must lead, or else the fight would not be made at all."

Tyler E. Ruprecht

- For State Assembly -

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