Real Solutions for Real Problems

The mission in this campaign is a simple one: we must bring real solutions to our real problems. If we are to build a better future, we must address the issues affecting the lives of everyone living in District 35. From healthcare and education to our farms and the environment we cannot afford to not act. These policies are a start, and I won't be able to pass them all at once, but they are the direction we need to go in and that are quality realistic solutions for our problems.

Quality, Affordable Healthcare Access for Everyone
  • Eliminate deductibles and reduce the costs of medications

  • Expand and improve rural hospitals, remote healthcare, and mental health care and rehabilitation access

  • Train a new generation of healthcare professionals to provide the medical expertise we need in our rural areas

  • Expand BadgerCare coverage, expand BadgerCare access, and create a BadgerCare public option

  • Solidify the rules protecting the healthcare of dependents under 26 years of age and add on to the rules to help protect those with pre-existing conditions throughout their lives

Election Reform
(Let our voices be heard)
  • Ranked-choice elections

  • Mail-in voting

  • End gerrymandering and create Fair Maps

  • Term Limits

  • Election law enforcement commission

Save, Grow, and Adapt
Our Education
  • Restore and increase school funding

  • Invest in virtual education

  • Expand technology access

  • Increase access to trade schools, technical colleges, and the UW System

Highspeed Internet
For Our Homes
  • Expand broadband

  • Expand cellular coverage

  • Improve internet quality and speed

  • Hold internet and cellular providers up to their promises

Protect Wisconsin's
  • Restore local control

  • Protect our people from toxic sulfide mines and other deadly polluters

  • Invest in clean energy and ensure clean water 

  • Protect our wildlife and great hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities

Community Investment  ---  Good Jobs Now 
  • Healthcare Infrastructure: Fund our rural hospitals, create new rehabs and mental healthcare facilities, and train new medical experts

  • Education: Restore public school funding, increase access to technology in schools, and expand access to all types of post-secondary schools

  • Transportation: Rebuild our roads​​​​, bridges, and invest in new modern transportation services

  • Housing: Get our people affordable homes and help them to update and modernize the ones we've got

  • Piping: Get all our citizens safe, clean drinking water

  • Broadband and Cellular: Get highspeed internet in all our homes, especially in our under provided rural areas

  • Outdoors Areas: Upgrade the existing outdoor recreational areas and build new parks, trails, and other recreational areas

  • Clean energy and green innovations: Increase our energy independence, protect our environment, and save the our people money
Fair Work,
Fair Wages
  • Increase the minimum wage

  • Increase Union representation

  • Ensure a living wage

  • Reduce everyday costs

  • Expand promotion and higher wage opportunites

Support our
  • Increase incentives for family farms

  • Work to ensure a fair market for farms of all sizes

  • Promote modern efficient farming techniques and farming in education

  • Aid our rural communities

Criminal Justice
  • Legalize medical marijuana and modernize marijuana laws

  • Allow judges more control over sentencing

  • Reducing criminal recidivism and end the pipeline to prison

  • Lower the prison taxburden

Commitment to
  • Create caretaker training and retention programs

  • Fund free childcare programs

  • Fund at-home and family caretakers

  • Support our elderly care facilities

Tyler E. Ruprecht

- For State Assembly -

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